Water shortage: what water shortage?

Time for the worriers to stop worrying. There will be no wars over water! Within a decade we can be producing as much fresh water as we need. It is simply a question of using rapidly developing technology.

The crisis is man-made, created by the way we think about water and energy. Try thinking of water + energy as the one the biggest opportunities ever to come the way of the human race!


Much of the still current thinking about energy is driven by ignorance and politicians in the pockets of the coal and nuclear industries – fake news generated by fossil fuel industry sponsored PR campaigns and research. And, of course, there are often massive bribes involved.

The truth is that solar energy technology has developed much further than most of us realise. And it is improving and getting cheaper and cheaper at an astonishing rate. Within a decade the world can have unlimited supplies of cheap solar electricity at much lower costs than coal or nuclear.

All house roofs, car bodies and even roads will be able to double as solar panels.. Massive amounts of electricity will be generated at the local level rather than at Eskom-type coal and nuclear powers stations.

In addition, electricity storage technology is improving at breakneck speed. Soon we will be able to store all the electricity we need to store to cope with night time and cloudy/rainy days.


This is where the so-called ‘water shortage’ comes in. Two-thirds of the planet is covered by water. There is no water shortage! The so-called crisis is only that most of the water is either salt water, or polluted by humanity.

But with unlimited supplies of cheap electricity, we can convert salt water and dirty water into water that is drinkable and can be used for irrigation.

All this can be expected within the next decade. Deserts can bloom and cities fill their storage dams to overflowing. Time to celebrate, and activate the huge solar electricity/water opportunity that is rapidly emerging.


All of which points to the insanity of building more nuclear and coal and gas-burning power stations. Especially in ‘lots of sunlight’ countries in Africa, Asia and South America. As occurred with mobile phone technology, in the fields of water and energy, Africa should leapfrog over the developed world’s technology and stop trying to copy it.

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