Writing a blog every day?

That was the target, a blog every day. In practice, I don’t do this. But I am being pretty successful at writing every day.  A blog about a memory from the past, or a thought about the present or the future.

I find that I am working on several articles at the same time. Sometimes I complete two. Sometimes none. I know my editing is atrocious. For this I apologise. I am pretty good at spotting mistakes made by others,  but I  really cannot pick up my own mistakes. I see what I expect to see!

Why am I doing this? I like writing. I recently retired at 76, and I want to keep my mind active. I also think (egotistical?) that some of my thoughts and memories are worth sharing. But the reader will be the judge of that!

One unforeseen benefit: I find that the act of writing stirs long forgotten memories. As I type they drift in from the mists of time, initially sometimes as just a word or two, or the memory of a smell, and then a whole scene comes into focus.

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