Common Cause

By focusing on a common vision and goals (and not on what divides us), South Africans might well find a path out of the political and economic abyss into which we have slid – and discover we have a lot more in common than we thought.

Ten suggested steps to a shared and hugely better future

  • Agree: we all live in the same country,  have a common future, and peaceful solutions are better than civil war and anarchy.
  • Agree: the current state of the economy – no growth and massive unemployment – must be tackled with utmost urgency, and that small business and the unemployed must be included in the solution finding process.
  • Agree: the future of South Africa and all her citizens are more important than the divisions of race, tribe, religion, gender or political parties.
  • Agree: urgent steps must be taken to narrow the gap between rich and poor, and tackle the unresolved legacies of apartheid.
  • Agree: the current state of education is abysmal and needs massive attention if South Africa is to be able to compete in the world economy.
  • Agree: that we must urgently address the opportunities and threats created by the 4th industrial revolution.
  • AgreeSOEs play a critical role in the economy and must be run with optimal efficiency and without corruption.
  • Agree: opportunities must be opened up to the currently  disadvantaged as a matter of extreme urgency
  • Agree: corruption must be tackled seriously with punishments that include compulsory prison sentences and lifetime bans on employment in the civil service and on standing for elected office.


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